General Fabrication Equipment


The AccuThermo AW610 is an atmospheric rapid thermal processing (RTP) system that uses high-intensity visible radiation to heat single wafers for short process periods of time at precisely controlled temperatures. The system is typically used for metal annealing and silicide formation in inert atmospheres (nitrogen), but is equipped withoxygen and can be used to grow oxides at high temperatures. This system is also equipped with NH3 for the formation of oxynitride Si films.

A thermocouple in contact with the sample is generally used at temperatures below 400°C. Above this temperature, the process is controlled with a non-contact pyrometer and is capable of operating up to 1250°C. Process times are typically 1-600 seconds in duration but can be programmed up to 9999 seconds. Small samples must be processed on a 4" carrier wafer. Large wafers up to 6" in diameter can be processed.

System Gases: Ar, O2, N2, NH3, Forming Gas (5% H2 in Argon)

Allowed Materials

Semiconductor based materials, dielectrics, metal films, and resists.

Prohibited Materials

Magnetic materials, organics, resists, tapes, epoxy, rubbers and plastics; organic materials; liquids of any kind.

Cleaning procedure

Samples generally do not require special cleaning, unless needed to remove prohibited materials before processing. All materials to enter the equipment will be handled with wafer tongs by an operator wearing latex, poly, or nitrile clean gloves.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF Staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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