Other Equipment

  • Blue M Furnace
  • Manufacturer:
    Lindberg/Blue M


This horizontal tube furnace is capable of operating up to 1000 °C. It is typically used for metal annealing to produce ohmic contacts and curing (spin on glass and BCB resists).

Gas sources: O2, N2, Ar, Forming Gas (5% H2 in argon)

Allowed Materials

Semiconductor-based materials, metals to be annealed, resists, dielectrics.

Prohibited Materials

Magnetics, organics, grease, rubber, plastics, epoxy, substances that outgas.

Cleaning procedure

Samples should be free of greases, oils, fingerprints, and particles. If necessary, samples should be cleaned in solvents, followed by DI rinse and N2 blow dry. Particular attention should be paid to the back side of the sample.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF Staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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