Metrology Equipment

  • Cascade M150 Test Station
  • Manufacturer:
    Cascade Microtech


The M150 Measurement Platform is a high-performance probing station that allows for precision electrical measurements, from DC to hgih-frequency RF. The system can accommodate up to 150 mm wafers (or smaller samples), which are held in place by a vacuum chuck. The optical microscope allows for precise placement of the four manipulator test probes. The manipulators remain fixed while the wafer moves for multiple device testing on a die-by-die level. Manipulators are held in place by vacuum and additionally have three-axis movement to allow for fine probe placement. Probe cards may also be used in place of the free moving manipulators if they are created.

Allowed Materials

Semiconductor-based materials, dielectrics, metal films, and resists.

Prohibited Materials

Magnetic materials, organics, epoxy, rubbers and plastics, and liquids of any kind.

Cleaning procedure

Samplesgenerally do not require special cleaning, unless needed to remove prohibited materials before processing. All materials to enter the equipment will be handled with wafer tongs by an operator wearing latex, poly, or nitrile clean gloves.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF Staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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