Etch Equipment


The memsstar is a vapor-phase silicon etch system using Xenon Difluoride (XeF2) and a novel vapor delivery system. XeF2 etching is a chemical etch with no plasma, so there is no external energy source required and no damaging ion bombardment. The vapor delivery system enables the process to be performed in a continuous or pulsed flow.

XeF2 etching is highly isotropic and ideal for release etch processing when manufacturing membranes, micro-bridges, cantilevers, micro-mirrors and cavities. XeF2 is extremely selective to other materials used in the manufacture of various structures and in the integration with CMOS based processing. The system is also equipped with a downstream plasma generator, which can be used for O2 or N2 plasmas.

Allowed Materials

Si, Ge, C, GaAs and its compounds, InP and its compounds, cleaned SiO2 (glass), and cleaned Al2O3 (sapphire).

Prohibited Materials

Indium, tin, zinc, iron, and organics.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF Staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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