Deposition Equipment

  • Oerlikon 450C Dual Chamber UHV Sputtering System
  • Manufacturer:
    Oerlikon (Leybold)


The Oerlikon 450C is a three-chamber, 16-target ultra-high vacuum (UHV) sputtering system used to deposit magnetic materials. The system has two deposition chambers that are interconnected with the central oxidation chamber. Each deposition chamber also contains a vacuum loadlock for easy loading and unloading of samples. Deposition chambers consist of two RF sputtering and six DC sputtering sources per chamber (16 total). RF biasing of the substrate surface may be accomplished to clean (backsputter) the surface prior to deposition for superior adhesion. The oxidation chamber is currently connected with N2 and O2 gases. RF biasing of the substrate in the oxidation chamber may be used to enhance the film's optical properties.

Film types available: Al, Mg, Ru, CoFe, IrMn, Cu, Ta, NiFe, CoFe, Ni, T,i SiO2, and MgO

Gases: O2, Ar, and N2

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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