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The Oerlikon 450B single-chamber sputtering system is equipped with three DC magnetron-enhanced sputtering guns (800W) and two RF sputtering guns. The sputtering process yields are greatly improved by the use of the magnetron, which uses magnetic fields to confine the plasma's electrons and increases the energy of the incident ions (Ar+) to the sputter target. The system is equipped with a loadlock that allows the main process chamber to be maintained at IE-7 mbar during normal operation. The vacuum loadlock allows for quick processing of samples without the need to wait for the system to achieve base pressure. The substrate can be biased for surface preparation with RF power at 250W, allowing for contamination-free surfaces and quality film adhesion. The substrate can be rotated up to 20 RPM for improved uniformity and can be heated to 350°C for silicide formation.

Film types available: Ti, Au, W, AlSi-2%, Cr, Ta, Pt, Cu, Si, and Mo

Gases: Ar, N2, and O2

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For additional information, please contact the NDNF staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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