Etch Equipment

  • Oxford Inductive Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher (ICP-RIE)
  • Manufacturer:
    Oxford Instruments
  • Operating Instructions


The Oxford system is an inductive coupled plasma (ICP) reactor that is used for reactive ion etches. With the ICP, the etching system will be characterized with high plasma density, low process pressure, high etch rate, good etch uniformity, and low energy ion damage. A fiber optic/CCD end-point detector is attached to the reactor, which provides the capability to determine the ending time of an etching process.

The Oxford plasma ICP etcher is configured for etching semiconductor films using fluorine-based chemistries. Presently, C4F8, CHF3, CF4, SF6, O2, N2, He and Ar are connected to the tool. The tool is equipped with a vacuum load-lock.

Allowed Materials

Si, Ge, C, GaAs and its compounds, InP and its compounds, cleaned SiO2 (glass), and cleaned Al2O3 (sapphire).

Prohibited Materials

Indium, tin, zinc, iron, and organics.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF staff at pfay@nd.edu.


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