General Fabrication Equipment

  • SSI Solaris 75/100 Rapid Thermal Processor
  • Manufacturer:
    Surface Science Integration


The Solaris 75/100 is an RTP system designed for R&D and pre-production. The Solaris 100 can process up to 4-inch substrates up to 1250 degrees Celsius. Utilizing 13 quartz halogen lamps, high-purity quartz wafer holder and chamber, and the oven contains gold reflectors for fast heating rates and long lamp lifetimes.The advanced temperature measurement technique and signal conditioners allow the PID controller to maintain stable and repeatable temperatures through a wide process application base.

System Gases: N2 and O2

Allowed Materials

Semiconductor based materials, dielectrics, metal films, and resists.

Prohibited Materials

Magnetic materials, organics, resists, tapes, epoxy, rubbers and plastics; organic materials; liquids of any kind.

Cleaning procedure

Samples generally do not require special cleaning, unless needed to remove prohibited materials before processing. All materials to enter the equipment will be handled with wafer tongs by an operator wearing latex, poly, or nitrile clean gloves.

Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact the NDNF Staff at pfay@nd.edu.

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