Deposition Equipment

  • Veeco Evaporator
  • Manufacturer:
    Veeco Instruments


The unit is used for thermal vacuum deposition of Al or Cr to the substrates situated some 30 cm above the evaporating metals and provides means for multiple-angle evaporation, controlled oxidation (including plasma oxidation), and in situ electrical characterization. It features:

  • The rotation mechanism to deposit metals at angles within the range of ±10 degrees with respect to the normal to the plane of the wafer. The rotation is implemented through mechanical gear mechanism and the rotation angle is measured using a special angle monitor with resolution of 0.1 degree.
  • Water-cooled wafer holder to prevent the change in temperature of the substrate during the evaporation. Temperature of the substrate could be continuously monitored during the evaporation.
  • Low-power DC plasma source for pre-deposition cleaning and controlled plasma oxidation of deposited metals
  • The combination of leak valve and a needle valve to provide precise amount of oxygen into the chamber. Two regimes of oxidation are possible: controlled flow of O2 for the oxidation during the deposition and constant pressure oxidation of already deposited materials
  • Special test fixture to perform in situ electrical measurements during the deposition of metals
  • Mechanically controlled shutter and crystal thickness monitor, vacuum control system, mechanical and diffusion pumps
  • Base pressure (with N2 cooled trap) is below 5x10-7 torr

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