Clive R. Neal

Dept. Civil & Env. Eng. & Earth Sciences
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Telephone: (574) 631-8328
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The modeling codes MAGFOX (Longhi, 1991), MAGPOX (Longhi, 1992), and FXMOTR (a modified version of FXMO and BATCH; Longhi, 2006) were developed in the early 1990s by experimental and lunar petrologist John Longhi to examine magma as it evolved via fractional or equilibrium crystallization. These were written using the FORTRAN programming language. The versions of MAGFOX, MAGPOX, and FXMOTR, have been translated into the MATLAB programming environment by Jesse Davenport (Centre de Recherches Petrographiques et Geochimiques), Clive Neal and Diogo Bolster (University of Notre Dame), Brad Jolliff (University of Washington St. Louis), and John Longhi (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory). The new suite of programs is being called Simulating Planetary Igneous Crystallization Environments or SPICEs and can be downloaded from here.


20 August 2019 - 6th meeting of the National Space Council, Testimony on Lunar ISRU

12 July 2019 - University of Notre Dame Public Lecture: Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 (presentation starts 25 mins in!)

University of Notre Dame Podcast - 5 May 2019: Lunar Samples.

25 April 2019 - North Carolina Museum of Natural History: Celebrating Apollo and Fulfilling the Legacy

28 March 2019: The Science of Apollo, Linda Hall Library, Kansas City MO

8 February 2019: Steve Sherman, Google Hangout - Humans 2 Mars. Interview with Prof. Clive R. Neal, Planetary Geologist.

29 March 2018 - ABC News, Washington DC area: "Notre Dame Professor Urges a Return to the Moon"

21 March 2018 - 49th Lunar & Planetary Science Conference: 45th Anniversary of Apollo 17 Panel

Jan 2018 - SSERVI-LEAG Lunar Science for Landed Missions: Discussion Session

2 May 2018 Notre Dame Day: Interview with Clive Neal

27 March 2018 - USRA Space Symposium: Influential Voices Cooperating on Return to the Moon - Panel Discussion

24 Sept. 2016 - Research highlight aired on NBC during half-time of the Duke-Notre Dame football game: Fighting to Explore the Moon

4 July 2010 - The Space Show: Broadcast 1388 - Clive Neal



9 June 2019: Chris Taylor, Mashable - Memo to Trump: Your NASA chief is all in on going to the Moon — with good reason.

2 June 2019: Rebecca Boyle, Air and Space Smithsonian - The Return to the Moon With Robots: Little landers built by private companies are leading the way back.

28 May 2019: Alexandra Witze, Nature - Japanese drill ship fails to reach the earthquake-generating zone.

15 May 2019: Robin George Andrews, National Geographic - Chinese rover finds strange rocks that may come from deep inside the Moon.

17 April 2019: Laura Parker, One Zero – Beyond Prime: Inside the Race to Deliver Shipments to the Moon.

13 March 2019: Shannon Hall, New York Timnes - Sealed Cache of Moon Rocks to be Opened by NASA.

7 February 2019: Leonard David, Scientific American - Scientists and policy makers in the U.S. and Europe are seeking new ways to work with China on its ambitious lunar exploration program

16 January 2019: Katia Moskvitch, Wired – China has grown plants on the Moon. What happened?

9 January 2019: Faye Flam, Bloomberg – U.S. should go back to the Moon, but not because the Chinese have.

3 January 2019: Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post – China lands spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, a historic first.

30 April 2018: Rechelle Ann Fuertes, Edgy-Labs – NASA shocks scientists by cancelling the Resource Prospector.

28 April 2018: Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post – Stunning scientists, NASA’s only Moon rover just got canceled.

27 April 2018: The Verge – NASA scraps a lunar surface mission – just as it’s supposed to focus on a Moon return.

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27 April 2018: Orlando Sentinel – NASA’s only Moon rover just got canceled.

27 April 2018: Alex Stuckey, Houston Chronicle – Scientists, engineers say lunar rover axed at NASA, ask Bridenstine to reinstate it.

11 April 2018: Scientists and Entrepreneurs Lobby for NASA Lunar Program

10 April 2018: Back to the Moon Support from Leading Lunar Explorers

10 April 2018: Community Letter of Support for NASA's Refocus on the Moon

2 April 2018: Should NASA Open (unopened) Samples from Apollo Missions?


Shooting for the Moon, This Time to Stay. Scientific American (2018)

Scientists Debate Next Destination for Astronauts in Space. Scientific American

2017 NASA Transition Team White Paper - click here.

If We Want to Send Humans to Mars, We Must go Back to The Moon First. Scientific American (2016)

The Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG).

The LEAG Lunar Exploration Roadmap Executive Summary

The full LEAG Lunar Exploration Roadmap can be found here.



Lunar Science for Landed Missions Workshop, NASA Ames, 10 January 2018. Advancing Lunar and Solar System Science & Exploration through a Lunar Sample Return Campaign.

Global Space Expoloration Conference (GLEX) 2012, Washington, DC - Keynote address: Exploring the Moon and Asteroids.

SSERVI Exploration Science Forum 2015, Wargo Award Lecture.



Neal Research Group - 2019

Dave Burney (PhD Candidate); Karl Cronberger (PhD Candidate); Mike Torcivia (PhD Candidate); Stu Webb (PhD Candidate); Hannah O'Brien (Undergraduate Reseacher); Donald Welsh (Undergraduate Researcher).

Neal Research Group - 2012

Photo taken August 2012: From Left to right: Rachael Stevens (Visiting Scholar - University of Leicester, UK); Hejiu Hui - Post-doctoral Research Fellow (now Professor of Geology, Nanjing University, China); Jesse Davenport - Masters Student (graduated August 2013); Karl Cronberger - PhD Student; Sarah Roberts - Masters Student (graduated March 2015); Pat Donohue - PhD Student (graduated November 2013); Katie O'Sullivan - PhD Student (graduated August 2013); Clive R. Neal
Current Students

Dave Burney (PhD Candidate)

Karl Cronberger (PhD Candidate)

Mike Torcivia (PhD Candidate)

Stu Webb (PhD Candidate)

Former Students

James O'Neill (Masters, 1996)

James C. Ely (PhD, 1999)

Cathleen E. McMahon (nee McGinnis; Masters, 1998; PhD, 2000) Laboratory Technican, Portland State University

Amy L. Birkhold-Van Dyke (PhD, 2000) Environmental Lawyer, Mika Meyer, Beckett & Jones, Grand Rapids, MI

William J. Chazey (PhD, 2004) GC Mass Spectrometry Specialist, Symise, Warwick, NY

John Shafer (PhD, 2006) - Lecturer, Joliet Junior College, Joliet, IL

William Kinman (PhD, 2006) - Research Scientist, Los Alamos, NM

Susan Dahlheimer (Masters, 2006) Engineer at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Santa Barbara, CA

Georgiana Kramer (PhD, 2007) - Staff Scientist, Lunar & Planetary Institute, Houston, TX

Jocelyn Oshrin (Masters, 2009) Environmental Scientist, ECS Limited, Richmond, VA

Amy Fagan (PhD, 2012) - Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University, NC

Katie O'Sullivan (PhD, 2012) - Lecturer, University of California, Bakersfield

Jesse Davenport (Masters, 2013) PhD Candidate, Nancy Université, Nancy, France

Patrick Donohue (PhD, 2013) Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Hawaii

Sarah Roberts (Masters, 2014) PhD Candidate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.



My research uses petrology, geochemistry, and more recently geophysics to investigate the origin and evolution of the Moon and large igneous provinces ("supervolcanoes"). In recent years I have become more active in human space exploration, primarily on the Moon, but with the goal of getting humans further out into the Solar System. Current research areas include:



1979-1982University of Leicester, United Kingdom. B.Sc. (Hons) Geology - First Class.
1982-1986:  University of Leeds, United Kingdom.  Ph.D. - Title of Thesis: Mantle Studies
                   and Kimberlite-Type Intrusives from the Western Pacific.



ENVG/SC 10110-20110 - Physical Geology - now Planet Earth
ENVG 20240/21240 - Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology.

Devised and implemented the team-teach College Freshman course EG101 - "Mars: A 21st Century Frontier."

Devised and implemented a "semester study abroad program" in Australia for our undergraduate programs during fall semester, junior year, at the University of Western Australia (Perth).

ENVG 60380 - Environmental Isotope Chemistry.
ENVG 60355 - High-Temperature Geochemistry.

(NOTE: Click on author list to view. Some of the pdf files are up to 10MB)


Origin, Evolution, and Environmental Impact of Oceanic Large Igneous Provinces (2015). Special Publication of the Geological Society of America.

NEW VIEWS OF THE MOON (2006). Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Volume 60. Bradley L. Jolliff, Mark A. Wieczorek, Charles K. Shearer, and Clive R. Neal, editors. Mineralogical Society of America. ISBN 1529-6466.

PLANETARY PETROLOGY AND GEOCHEMISTRY: The Lawrence A. Taylor 60th Birthday Volume (1999).  Gregory A. Snyder, Clive R. Neal, and W. Gary Ernst, editors.  International Book Series, Volume 2, 277 pp. The Geological Society of America.  ISBN 0-9665869-1-3

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