CSE 34151 Theory of Computing: Fall 2017
Babbages Analytical Engine, 1834-1871. (9660574685)

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Description: Introduction to formal languages and automata, computability theory, and complexity theory.

Text: Intro to the Theory of Computation, International, 2nd or 3rd Ed. (preferred), Michael Sipser with ERRATA Version 3.

Classroom: Tusdays/Thursdays, 12:30-1:45, 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Instructor: Prof. Peter Kogge 326A Cushing. Office Hours Mondays & Tuesdays 2-3pm


  • Satyaki Sikdar: email: ssikdar@nd.edu Office hours: Mondays 4:30-6:30 pm Cushing 212
  • Joshua Siva: email: joshua.t.siva.1@nd.edu Office hours Mondays and Wed. 3-4pm, Cushing 213
  • Jonathan Baker: email: jbaker10@nd.edu Office hours Wed 6-7pm Cushing 213, Th 6-8 Cushing 212
  • Jessica Cioffi: email: jcioffi@nd.edu Office hours Thursdays 7-9pm, Cushing 212
  • Ryan Mackey: email: ryan.p.mackey.18@nd.edu Office hours Wed. 7-9pm 213

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This week in Theory

Week 13: Nov. 21-23

Tuesday: Undecidability
Undecidable Languages
Thursday: Thanksgiving
Reading: 4.2,5.1
Assignments Project 3: Turing Machine Project (version 1) Due Tuesday Dec. 5, 11:59 pm EDT. See directory TestFiles for test files.
Book chapter on Combinators
Other A Tikz tutorial. Thanks to TA Satyaki Sikdar
An on-line point and click State Diagram drawing program
TM visual simulator in Excel

Previous weeks calendars, including class, readings, and homework information, are on the Calendar page.

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  • 11/9: HW5 grades posted. HW5 Grade Distribution by problem
  • 11/2: Slight modification to Project 2 description to remove confusion about output from string processing.
  • 11/1: Quiz Distribution updated. TM visual simulator in Excel available
  • 10/26: After discussions in class today, the following changes are made in scheduling: Project 2 due 11/3 11:59pm. HW6 due Tuesday Nov. 7 (grades not available by exam 2 review on 11/9, but answer key will be), HW7 will be due 11/28, Project 3 will be due Dec. 5, and Project 4 is now an extra credit. Also note for Project 2, as stated in the project sheet, some test files may have both a carriage return AND a linefeed at end of each line, which looks like an extra character if you use a Linux system. This is what Windows does with.csv and some .txt files. Ignore it.
  • 10/26: Satyaki Sikdar's office hours have changed to Mondays 4:30-6:30 Cushing 212
  • 10/24: Extra notes on PDA to CFG process. Also simplify Problem 6 on HW5 to be q1, q2, q3, q4 only.
  • 10/23: Additional test files added for project 2.
  • 10/20: Exam 1 Solutions (Revised)
  • 10/12: Grade as of now posted on Sakai. Midterm Grade Distribution was computed assuming Exam 1 was all exam grads, HW1-4 was all homework grades, and all 5 points for quizzes if 3 or more quizzes taken. Project 1 grades are not yet back, so everyone was assumed to get 100% (close to reality based on prior years). On the distribution, the bar to the right of a number are the number with grades larger than that number and less then the number under the bar. See Assignments tab for solution set.
  • 10/11: Quiz and homework distribution charts updated. Exam grades on Sakai, and distributions displayed above.
  • 10/9: Project2's description of submission directory is changed to Sakai. Format of test files fixed.
  • 10/6: due date for HW5 and Project 2 delayed.