CSE 34151 Theory of Computing: Fall 2017
Babbages Analytical Engine, 1834-1871. (9660574685)

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Description: Introduction to formal languages and automata, computability theory, and complexity theory.

Text: Intro to the Theory of Computation, International, 2nd or 3rd Ed. (preferred), Michael Sipser with ERRATA Version 3.

Classroom: Tusdays/Thursdays, 12:30-1:45, 101 Jordan Hall of Science

Instructor: Prof. Peter Kogge 326A Cushing. Office Hours Mondays & Tuesdays 2-3pm


  • Satyaki Sikdar: email: ssikdar@nd.edu Office hours: Mondays 4:30-6:30 pm Cushing 212
  • Joshua Siva: email: joshua.t.siva.1@nd.edu Office hours Mondays and Wed. 3-4pm, Cushing 213
  • Jonathan Baker: email: jbaker10@nd.edu Office hours Wed 6-7pm Cushing 213, Th 6-8 Cushing 212
  • Jessica Cioffi: email: jcioffi@nd.edu Office hours Thursdays 7-9pm, Cushing 212
  • Ryan Mackey: email: ryan.p.mackey.18@nd.edu Office hours Wed. 7-9pm 213

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Final Exam: Friday, December 15 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM 101 Jordan Hall of Science

This week in Theory

Week 15: Dec. 5-Dec. 7

Tuesday: The Micron Automata Processor Chip. Video
Quantum Computing Quest Speaker: Jonathan Baker
Thursday: Final Exam Review
Language Class Review Sheet
Reading: Chap. 7
Assignments Project 3: Turing Machine Project (version 1) Due Tuesday Dec. 5, 11:59 pm EDT. See directory TestFiles for test files.
Homework 8 Due Thursday Dec. 7, noon.
Project 4. Optional Combinator Project. For reference see Combinators Lecture and Book chapter on Combinators. See directory TestFiles for test files. Deadline midnight Wed Dec. 13
Other A Tikz tutorial. Thanks to TA Satyaki Sikdar
An on-line point and click State Diagram drawing program
TM visual simulator in Excel

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  • Final Exam Grade Distributions and Pre Extra Credit Grade Distribution. Note for the Pre Extra Credit distribution, the breakpoint for grades are exactly what was promulgated the first week of class. Thus, for example, if your grade on Sakai is between 86.7 and 90, you are one of the 10 students who will get at least a B+.
  • 12/12: Solutions posted to HW7 and HW8
  • 12/5: Review sheet for final posted
    12/4: Exam2 Solutions. Also Test TM-1 updated for Project 3
  • Solution to example dynamic programming problem that I couldn't get to work in class today
  • Nov. 30 Grade Estimate posted on Sakai. Does not include Projects 2,3 EX 7,8 or Final, but weighted as defined at start of semester.
  • 11/30: S.txt updated for Combinator test. Prof. Kogge office hours next week: Mon: 1-4pm, not available on Tu or Wed.
  • 11/29: K test files for Project 4 updated to fix () problem. HW6 grades released, with comments in Sakai.
  • 11/28: Quiz 7 added to Quiz Distribution chart. Optional project deadline midnight Wed Dec. 13
  • 11/27: 3 tape test files updated. Exam 2 distributions above
  • 11/21: Project 3 test files uploaded. Combinators Lecture uploaded.
  • 11/20: Quiz distribution updated to include SKI quiz
  • 11/20: HW7 and optional project posted.