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Sociology 592 (Later called Soc 63992)

Sociology Graduate Statistics I

Richard Williams, Instructor

NOTE:  These are the Fall 2004 course notes for the first semester of my graduate statistics courses.  The notes for the second semester course, Sociology 63993, are also available.  These pages make extensive use of Stata and SPSS. If you are mostly interested in learning how to use Stata, the Stata Highlights page lists several of the most relevant handouts from both courses.  Some pages are more "stand alone" than others, so adjacent handouts may help clear up any questions you have.

Feel free to email Richard Williams if you have comments or suggestions.


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  Stata 8 files.

Useful sites for learning about Stata and SPSS

Rich Williams' Stata Highlights Page

UCLA's Statistical Computing Resources 
RW Suggestions for Using Stata at Notre Dame 

UCLA's Stata Starter Kit

RW's Suggested downloads

UCLA's SPSS Starter Kit
Resources for learning Stata UCLA - How does Stata compare with SAS and SPSS?
The Stata User Support Page Ben Jann's estout/esttab support page (esttab & estout are great for formatting output from Stata)

Course Syllabus

PART I: Descriptive statistics, probability, distributions, confidence intervals, intro to hypothesis testing.

Opening day problems

Subscripts and Summations (Excerpt from Harnett; read part A-1 only.  Reviews mathematical notation you may or may not already be familiar with)

Introduction; descriptive and univariate statistics

Using Stata for Descriptive Information and Statistics (from UCLA; skim)

univar.sps - Simple SPSS univariate statistics program used in handout (you can run this yourself if you want) - Simple Stata univariate statistics program used in handout (you can run this yourself if you want)


Homework # 1 (Due Sept. 8)

Homework # 1 Answer Key

hw01-ans.sps - SPSS solutions to problems 1 & 2 - Stata solutions to problems 1 & 2

Probability distributions


The binomial distribution

Homework # 2 (Due Sept 15)

Homework # 2 Answer Key

Normal distribution

Estimation; Sampling; The T distribution

Confidence intervals

Using Stata for Confidence Intervals

ci-II.dta and ci-III.dta -- Stata raw data files used for Case II and III in the CI handout

Introduction to hypothesis testing

Homework # 3 (Due Sept 22)

Homework # 3 Answer Key

Appendix A: Sample exams & answer keys, Part I

PART II: Hypothesis testing.

Sampling distributions and one sample tests

Using Stata for One Sample Tests

1sample-II.dta and 1sample-III.dta -- Stata raw data files used for Case II and III in the one sample tests handout

Using SPSS for One Sample Tests

Homework # 4 (Due Oct 6)

Homework # 4 Answer Key

Two sample tests - Cases I, II, III

Two sample tests - Cases 4, 5

Two sample tests - Special Topics; Using SPSS

2sample.sps - Shows how to use SPSS for cases II, III, IV, and a way to approximate case V

Using Stata for Two Sample Tests

2sample-II.dta, 2sample-III.dta, 2sample-IV.dta, 2sample-V.dta -- Stata raw data files used for Cases II, III, IV and V in the two sample tests handout

Homework # 5 (Due Oct 13)

Homework # 5 Answer Key

hw05-ans.sps - Spss program for solving homework 5

Categorical data analysis

Categ.sps - Shows how to use SPSS for Categorical Data Analysis

Using Stata for Categorical Data Analysis

categ-I.dta, categ-II.dta, categ-III.dta-- Stata raw data files used for Cases I. II, III,  in the categorical data analysis handout

One-way analysis of variance

Multiple/Post Hoc Group Comparisons in Anova (New topic added in 2004 - and hopefully correct!)

oneway.sps - Shows how to use SPSS for One-Way ANOVA

Using Stata for One-Way Analysis of Variance

oneway.dta - Data file used in the Stata One-Way ANOVA handout

Homework # 6 (Due Oct 27)

hw06-8c.sav,   hw06-8c.dta - Optional data files you can use for hw #6

Homework # 6 Answer Key

hw06-ans.sps - Spss program for solving homework 6

Two-way analysis of variance

twoway.sps - Shows how to use SPSS for Two-Way ANOVA

Using Stata for Two-Way Analysis of Variance

twoway.dta - Data file used in the Stata Two-Way ANOVA handout

Choosing the correct procedure: Examples

Homework # 7 (Due Nov 3)

hw07.sav hw07.dta-- You can either use these or enter the data by hand for HW #7

Homework # 7 Answer Key

hw07-ans.sps - Spss program for solving homework 7

Appendix B: Sample exams & answer keys, Part II

PART III: Bivariate and multivariate regression

Using SPSS for OLS Regression

reg01.sav - Data file used in the SPSS Regression handout

Using Stata for OLS Regression

reg01.dta - Data file used in the Stata Regression handout

Bivariate regression, part I

Bivariate regression, part II

bivar.sps - Shows how to use SPSS for bivariate regression

Homework # 8 (Due Nov 10)

hw08.sps - You need this to do HW # 8

Homework # 8 Answer Key

hw08-ans.sps - SPSS Solutions to HW #8

Multiple regression - introduction

Multiple regression - matrices

Using Stata with Multiple Regression & Matrices

Homework # 9 (Due Nov 17)

hw09.sps - You need this to do HW # 9

hw09-1.dta, hw09-2.dta, hw09-5.dta -- Stata data files for HW # 9

Homework # 9 Answer Key

hw09-ans.sps - SPSS Solutions to HW #9

Standard errors for regression coefficients; multicollinearity

Standardized coefficients

Supplemental Notes on Standardized coefficients

Semipartial (part) and partial correlation

Supplemental notes on Semipartial correlations

Qualitative IVs & Dummy Variables; F-tests for IV subsets; ANOVA Versus Regression

Analytic strategies: Simultaneous, hierarchical, and stepwise regression

Homework # 10 (Due 12/8)

hw10.sps - You need this to do HW # 10

hw10-2.dta -- Stata data file for HW # 10

Homework # 10 Answer Key

Appendix C: Sample exams & answer keys, Part III

Other Appendices:

Appendix D: The Monty Hall Controversy

(Optional)  Still not convinced?  Then read what Cecil Adams, Marilyn vos Savant, and Monty Hall himself had to say about it.  And if you think the problem has no practical significance - see how Social Psych theory gets turned on its head when Monty Hall meets Cognitive Dissonance.

Appendix E: Tables (MS Excel clones of Hays' Tables)  Bring these with you to all classes.  Also, if you want them, here is the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that was used to create the tables.

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