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Anand Pillay

William J. Hank Family Professor
of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
University of Notre Dame
281 Hurley Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Telephone: (574) 631-8847

I have been Swanlund Chair Emeritus at University of Illinois since 2006.

Professor Anand Pillay

Model theory, as well as applications  (algebra, geometry, number theory,..).

Full CV

Graduate students

Nicolas Chavarria Gomez,  David Meretzky.


Recent graduate students

Greg Cousins (currently at Mcmaster University), Leo Jimenez (currently at Fields Institute, Toronto)


Chieu Minh Tran

Recent postdocs Daniel Hoffmann is now at Warsaw University and Remi Jaoui is at University of Freiburg.


Spring 2022, Math 40910 Topics in Math logic.


Seminars at Notre Dame.

Model Theory seminar, 11 am, Tuesday. 125 HH.  In-person

Logic seminar: 2 pm Tuesdays. 125 HH.  In-person

Some slides from model theory seminar talks:

Strong types 

Definability patterns 



I am an Associate Editor of Journal AMS, and an editor of Algebra and Number Theory (

and Editor-in-Chief (joint with Curtis Franks) of the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic ( )

Lecture Notes from a sequence of courses at Illinois 2002-2003:
Model Theory
Stability Theory
Applied Stability Theory


Lecture notes from recent advanced courses at Notre Dame.

Pseudofinite model theory: lectures notes from Fall 2014 course

Categorical Logic. Notes from Spring 2017 course

Stability Theory. Notes from Autumn 2018 course



Slides of some talks


Pseudofinite model theory and combinatorics, Mini-course in Fudan, May 2019

Compact spaces, definability. Slides from Tarski lectures, Berkeley, April 2009.

Measures in model theory. Slides from talk in Logic and Set theory meeting, Chennai, Aug. 2010

Model theory, stability, and the free group, Notes from a series of 5 talks at a workshop on geometric group theory and logic, UIC, Aug. 2011

First order theories, Goedel lecture, ASL European Meeting, Barcelona 2011.



Recent preprints, and other unpublshed things. (Please contact me directly if you want electronic files of other papers from my complete list of publications.)

Lecture notes on strongly minimal sets with a generic automorphism (graduate course in UIUC, 1999)

Model Theory

Remarks on Tao's algebraic regularity lemma (with S. Starchenko).

Universal covers of commutative finite Morley rank groups (with M. Bays, B. Hart).

Remarks and questions on infinitesimal stabilizers.

Strongly minimal pseudofinite structures.

Generalized Picard-Vessiot extensions and differential Galois cohomology (with Z. Chatzidakis).

Definable topological dynamics for SL(2,Q_p) (with D. Penazzi and N. Yao)

Domination and regularity

Pseudofinite groups and VC-dimension (with G.Conant)

Structure and regularity for subsets of groups with finite VC-dimension (with G. Conant and C. Terry)

Amenability and definability (with E.Hrushovski and K. Krupinski)

A note on the effective listing of types in DCF_0.

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Phone: (574) 631-8847
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