The Kamat Group


Dr. Junsang Cho

Junsang Cho earned his B.S degree in Chemistry from Hanyang University in 2008, M.S. degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Seoul National University in 2012, and Ph.D degree in Inorganic Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry of Texas A&M University in 2018. He has newly joined the Professor Prashant Kamat lab as a postdoc research associate since March 2019. His primary research interests is centered on the design of new semiconductor heterostructures for fundamental understanding of charge and energy transfer as well as solar energy conversion. His current research mainly focuses on charge transfer dynamics in next generation lead-free multinary quantum dots and metal halide perovskites.

Dr. Manjeet Chhetri

Manjeet Chhetri completed his Master of Science (MSc.) degree from University of North Bengal (NBU), West Bengal, India in 2013 and Ph.D degree (Chemistry) from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore, India in 2019. He joined Kamat’s lab in December, 2019 as DST-Overseas Post-doctoral Fellow in nano Science and Nano Technology offered by Department of Science and Technology, India. He is interested in understanding the mechanistic aspect of problems related to energy generation, mainly Photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting and CO2 reduction. Currently he is investigating the role/use of membranes in the fabrication of devices for PEC water splitting and CO2 reduction using semiconductor and appropriate co-catalyst combinations.