Math 30530 - Introduction to Probability

Fall 2011

Instructor: David Galvin

General course arrangements are detailed here.

Here's the final exam for this course; here's a practice final (the Fall 2009 final, with solutions).

The weekly Probability Puzzler page is here.

During this semester course information (homework postings, grades, midterms, and handouts), was available through Concourse. See below for an archive of the material.

Course archive

Midterm exams: (with solutions)

Quizzes: (with solutions)

Homework instructions: Homework assignments will be announced on this page most Fridays and will be due at the beginning of class the following Friday. Each assignment will involve some reading and some problems. Some of the problems may be optional; these won't be graded, but I encourage you to think about them when you have finished the regular homework, and you may certainly talk about them in office hours.

Presented assignments should be neat and legible. At the top of the first page, you should write your name, the course number, the assignment number and the due date. If you use more than one page, you should staple all your pages together. The grader reserves the right to leave ungraded any assignment that is disorganized, untidy or incoherent. No late assignments will be accepted.

It is permissible (and encouraged) to discuss the assignments with your colleagues; but the writing of each assignment must be done on your own. Unless a problem requires minimal work, you should show your work for each problem.

Homework assignments: (solutions are all together at the bottom of the page).