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Thursday, July 17, 2014Posted by Jeff Christians

Why Did You Accept My Paper?

This editorial written by the J. Phys. Chem. Lett. editors appears in today's issue. It highlights manuscript attributes contributing to favorable editorial decisions.

Why Did You Accept My Paper?

This is one question that we never hear from our authors. Authors whose papers get accepted by the editor cherish their publication success, whereas authors whose papers were not accepted may in many instances put the blame squarely on the review process itself. From the author's perspective, the paper he/she just submitted consists of the best scientific results from his/her laboratory and hence deserves publication regardless of the quality of presentation. Editors and reviewers evaluate the papers from the journal reader's viewpoint. Essential factors in drawing a reader's attention to a particular paper include a broad perspective, a good fit with the journal scope, and clear presentation of new scientific findings. Editors and reviewers also check to see whether the paper meets the journal's submission criteria. Those authors who take these aspects into consideration while composing their manuscripts see a significantly higher success rate of acceptance.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2014Posted by Jeff Christians

They Said it Couldn't be Done

Rad Lab Lab Rats Softball Team

Sometimes softball can be a metaphor for life. You can't let the fact that half your team doesn't know the difference between left field and right field stop you, you just have to get back up and keep swinging.

The doubters were proven wrong, the impossible was accomplished, the Lab Rats won a softball game! Some would point out that it took into our third season to get our first win, but I would point out that we actually had a win two years ago when the other team forfeited, so the thrill of victory is not totally unfamiliar territory. While our offense kept us competitive in our first game, it was our stifling defense that helped us prevail to our first win of the season ever. We held the MBA team to just 1 run in a game that stretched the full 7 innings. The tone was set in the first inning when Doug unleashed 100% power and hit a huge home run that scored two and put us up for good. The only hiccup was when Jay thought he could be like Doug and ended up getting out after being thrown into a pickle between third and home. Nevertheless, the final score of 6-1 smelled of glory and tasted of victory! If we win our next game we make the playoffs!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014Posted by Jeff Christians

Opening Day at the Ballpark

Rad Lab Lab Rats Softball Team

The annual intramural softball season started up this week after the first game was rained out last week, and the Rad Lab Lab Rats walked onto the field to face the AME Bombers with fresh legs after taking the season off last year. Stepping up to the plate, we shook off the rust and jumped to an early 6-0 lead with some great (for us at least) hitting. Even Danilo, who was unsure whether the batter or pitcher was supposed to run after a hit, had a nice double! Then we took the field. Our defense is porous at best and a sieve at worst, and while I wouldn't say this was our worst outing, we quickly let the Bombers back into the game to tie it 6-6 after one. Danilo's play at second base to end the second inning was probably the highlight of the game. With two outs a hard grounder was hit just right of second base. Danilo ran over, reached out his glove and snagged the ball as it went past, and then, carried by his momentum, spun in a full circle before tossing the ball to Joe at second and getting the force out. Ultimately though, fatigue set in and the Lab Rats were not able to hold off the steady attack of the Bombers, eventually falling 16-11 in four innings. It was tough to start off the year with a loss but we will be back on the field next week hungry for our first win of the year!

Unfortunatly we forgot the camera today so there are no pictures but hopefully we will have some from our next game.

Thursday, June 19, 2014Posted by Jeff Christians

Editorial on Publication Figures

Read this editorial, entitled "Graphical Excellence," from Prashant, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Senior Editor Greg Hartland, and Editor-in-Chief George Schatz on the importance of high quality figures in conveying scientific information.

"It is the experience of every author that figures and illustrations in scientific papers are the gateway for effective communication of research findings to the scientific world. While the title and abstract of the paper draw the attention of any avid reader, the essence of the paper is captured by the figures and schemes. Well-drawn, scientifically correct figures make the first impression of the scientific findings. Yet, time and time again, we see poorly presented results, inaccuracy in plotted data, improperly defined axes, meaningless significant digits in axis scales, wrong or missing units, and undefined symbols or traces. Such inaccuracies can lead to reject recommendations from the editors and reviewers. We wonder why researchers who are passionate about communicating their findings, many times take little interest in effective presentation of their data."

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