The Kamat Group

Undergraduate Students

Anthony Krenselewski

Anthony Krenselewski is currently an undergraduate chemical engineering major (class of 2014) at Notre Dame. He is originally from the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. His research for Summer 2013 is funded through an NDnano Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NURF). He is working on investigating the catalytic degredation of methanol in the polysulfide electrolyte solution of CdS quantum dot solar cells, and examining the catalytic properties of metal nanoparticles in controlling the morphology of reduced grapheme oxide.

Nick Hamilton

Nick is an undergraduate student (class of 2014) at the University of Notre Dame majoring in Chemistry. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida, but grew up in a military family and has lived various places throughout his life. His work in lab focuses around using and combining gold nanoparticles and gold nanoclusters, under the supervision of Yong-Siou Chen, to tune their optical properties for photovoltaic applications. He is doing research during the summer of 2013 through funding from the College of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (COS-SURF) program at the University of Notre Dame.

Jack Olding

Grace Meikle

Grace Meikle is an undergraduate physics major (class of 2014) who joined the lab in Fall 2011. She is originally from Boise, Idaho but has spent some time living in Kobe, Japan and her family currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. Her work so far in the lab has involved synthesis of a solar paint consisting of CdSe quantum dots on TiO2 nanoparticles using the pseudo-SILAR method.

Tim Siegler

Tim Siegler is currently an undergraduate chemical engineer (class of 2014) performing research on quantum dot solar cell efficiency improvement methods under Pralay Santra. He is from just outside of Milwaukee, WI, from a small city called New Berlin. Since he joined the lab in September of 2011, Tim has worked on measuring the effects that variations in QDSC area have on their efficiency, and with Dr. Santra studying the effects of manganese doping of CdS in QDSCs.